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Phoenix Plastics - An ISO: 9001-2008 Certified Company specializing in Purging Compounds, Chemical Foaming Agents, and various Process Aids.

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Product Spotlight:

Cel-Span Purge 388 Purging Compound Masterbtach is Phoenix Plastics best selling purge / cleansing agent.

Cel-Span® Purge 388 is a transition purging compound that contains several proprietary additives that are essential in the cleansing cycle of high temperatures and lower melting polyolefins.

Check your resin against our Purges to select the proper purge.

Cel-Span® Process Aid 101 is a 100% active (powder or pellet) internal lubricant processing aid with anti-static properties that is incorporated into the resin.

Cel-Span Process Aid 101 Masterbtach is an internal lubricant for injection molding.

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