About Phoenix Plastics:

Established in 1996, Phoenix Plastics L.P. is located north of Houston in Conroe, Texas. Phoenix Plastics currently develops and manufactures engineered grade additives for the plastics industry.

The Phoenix Plastics team has over 100 years of combined knowledge and working experience in plastics development.

Phoenix Plastics has analytical testing capabilities and over 200 developed plastic additives. Phoenix Plastics has the unique advantage of developing, testing, and providing solutions to meet our customers’ high standards.

We at Phoenix Plastics are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers through innovation, customer service, research and development, and by offering products that meet their current and future needs.

Industries Served:

Film – Blown/Cast • Blow Molding • Injection • Rotational • Compounding • Extrusion Profile

Lab Capabilities:

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) • Instron • QUV • Melt • Ash • Gas Analysis
Mechanical Lab: Injection Machines • Film Lines • Rotational Molding • Extrusion Equipment


Purge Additives/Compounds (Cleansing Agents) • Chemical Foaming Agents (CFA) • Process Aids
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) • Oxo-Degradable Additives • Stabilizers / UV Additives
Ethylene Scavengers • Essential Oils • Antimicrobials / Anti-fungals


Below is a link to our 2014 product brochure:

2013 phoenix plastics digital brochure_page_1