An internal lubricant and coefficient of friction modifying additive.

Cel-Span® Process Aid 101 is a 100% active (powder or pellet) internal lubricant processing aid with anti-static properties that is incorporated into the resin. Cel-Span® Process Aid 101 eliminates the need for an external mold release agent and improves resin flow, dispersion, resin additives ex:(reinforcements, fillers, and pigments), and reduces cycle time. The use of Cel-Span® Process Aid 101 will not have an adverse effect on the physical properties. Compatible with Polyethylene, Polystyrene, and Polypropylene.

Applications: Injection Molding
For best results, laboratory tests or preproduction trials should determine the optimum additive level. Cel-Span® Process Aid 101 internal lubricant is effective within a range of 1 to 10 parts per 1000 resin excluding reinforcements such as pigments and fillers. A high amount of filler may require a higher percentage of internal lubricant. Always start an evaluation at 5 parts per 1000 (0.5%). The internal lubricant may increase the melt flow index (MFI). Reduce the level of Cel-Span® Process Aid 101 or reduce the process temperature to raise the resin viscosity and eliminate screw slippage.

Packaging Options:
• 50 lb. Plastic bags
• 1,100 lb. Gaylord boxes